Of the items that we need to look in here forth insurance policy so the truce policy must cover for damaging costs of association with the Restatement of the building so this is a removal of debris professional fees cancel fees so there’s about five or six items that need to redone in there so we need to keep an aeon that also the body corporate must take out public risk insurance over the common property for us assets to reduce its risks to the body corporate now this can also be affected by asbestos in that in the workplace.

over there there’s been some buildings where there’s been asbestos roof and there’s their insurance cup cover was denied and some buildings haven’t goths color because of the asbestos Chandra that to replace that my whole rooftop to get their insurance okay so as part of the public risk there’s been some instances where people have been falling over that on site so thus getting higher and higher in the litigation sin what’s happening in it in Australia such trips and falls on pathways is one of the highest items that have been going.

on in the in the legal and identity some in Australia alright so we’re going to have a look tan event that happened a little while ago so this complex was two units there was fire on one unit which is actually spread to another unit so you can seethe intensity of the fire and this building Valuations QLD from here where there was a pet shop next door and actually some of the fly penetrated into the building next door so as you can see is this a total write-off event now we track this from the beginning to to the end of the project now yes so this has been after that the event now this this set here for over four months exactly this site so they said their temporary.

fence upland that just SAT there for that amount of time now for the removal of debris you can see in the next slide here where the damage a little bit to the building and that next door and this site.

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