Credit** has been provided when you’re in a contract. But if you’ve got a contract with ***, Vodafonewhatever. Your electricity bill, your gas bill, everything – that is available to lenders it’s recorded. Now it doesn’t mean they’re getting all record it, but I honestly don’t believe the won’t.

I believe they’ll record as much as possible because more information they have, they believe they do the better decision making on giving that.Ryan Moving forward we need to be even more careful about paying our bills on time than we already had to be careful about. Because there was some level of latency before you got a default on your credit file, you might have paid a bill later or something like that, whereas now.

They’ll be able to see if you’ve paid your bills late and that could affect your borrowing capacity in the future. What else can we do to increase our borrowing capacity?Brad If you apply for a fixed load of three years or greater, they treat servicing of your application differently.

This always ends up in allowing borrower a greater **math**.They’re **constable** to the lender because they know you’ve got the **signed** repayments for years or more. Ryan A lot of people, especially a lot of investors kind of shy away from the fixed rate for whatever reason, but.

You’re saying that fixed rates in some circumstances if you need that extra borrowing capacity that could be the advantage that you need. By going with a year fixed rate or more.Brad or more, yeah. Works for obviously your own home purchases as well but for investors very much so.

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